It’s no secret that La Mafia has some issues (to put it mildly) with AB Quintanilla.  So a few months ago at a concert in Lubbock Oscar spoke out and said that he was going to settle it once in for all by challenging AB to a “Battle”.

At a concert in San Antonio shortly after that, ( was able to capture Oscar making the same challenge, and it took a while , but AB has responded, not once but twice via “You Tube” and Oscar has responded back to him.  It looks like the showdown is going to take place in Robstown, TX (near Corpus Christi) on 8-02-2008, BUT Oscar is also challenging AB to come to Houston, (and anywhere the fans want them to go) so we’ll have to wait and see.   In the meantime, this “battle” has created quite a buzz, on international TV as well as syndicated radio all over the US.  Take a look at the videos below to see what has gone down so far. 


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