La Mafia has added clips to their official “My Space” @ of songs from their upcoming CD,  El Mundo No Es Igual  Eternamente Romanticos* , which will be released on August 12, 2008 (Aug 19 in Mexico)   In addition to Sigo Siendo Un Romantico, which they have had on there for a while , you can now listen to clips of Ay Amor, Eternamente andEl Mundo No Es Igual

Eternamente is the current single , request it on your local Tejano and Regional Mexican stations as well as your favorite Tejano internet stations, and why not add it as your profile song on your “My Space” so that all your friends will hear it?

*this post was edited on 7-18-2008 to reflect the name change of the CD from “El Mundo No Es Igual” to “Eternamente Romanticos”


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