OK now where was I?  

OK so what did AB come up with next….. The return of DJ Kane… the fans were thrilled to see him back with AB’s band. 

Ricky Rick and DJ Kane

Ricky Rick and DJ Kane

What La Mafia was doing on each of their turns was either taking us back to the different eras of their music, or the different styles from their extensive repertoire.  This time they did something that you never see them do, they brought Mando out front with his accordion for what my friend JC likes to call some “grito throwing beer drinking music”, and took us way way back playing songs that I’ve never seen them do live.

This one of the highlights of the show for me

This one of the highlights of the show for me

Now this is where I kind of loose track, so much going on , like I said before , I wish I had taken notes.  The battle continued and the banter (as per usual initiated by AB), Oscar would get some good shots in, and at one point AB kept overtalking Oscar, and Oscar was like “Man he won’t let me talk” and finally just put his mic down by his side.   What AB may not realize is that sometimes one can say more with expressions than with words.  It was too funny.

The funniest part came toward the end.  It was La Mafia’s turn , and I was trying to figure out why Oscar had changed clothes and was wearing a black T-shirt.  He said “AB I have something for you”.

Now if you saw the video where AB is teasing Oscar about how they used to dress back in the day and telling him that he wanted to see La Mafia wearing the outfits from the “Electrifying” CD , and that he’d like to have one of those outfits himself, well someone handed Oscar two sequined jackets, Oscar put one on and handed the other one to AB.  AB tried it on and it was too small, the exchange between them was hilarious.   Oscar kept his jacket on and La Mafia treated us to 3 of their biggest hits from the 80s, ending with “Oh Girl”.

La Mafia laughing as AB tries on the jacket

La Mafia laughing as AB tries on the jacket

"Man, it doesn't fit"

"Man, it doesn't fit"

 So what does AB do  to follow La Mafia’s awesome 80’s review ?  Stay tuned for part 3

Click on the link below to go to part 3:





5 responses »

  1. gringz says:

    Delia, yeaha that was funny when Oscar told AB he needed to loose weight, and Tim, you’re right he’s doing that “Electryfying ” pose, I didn’t realize it until you pointed it out, I thought he was just pointing to AB’s stage with both hands, too funny !;-)

  2. gringz says:

    Thanks JC, and it was great to finally meet you after all these years.

  3. JC says:

    Awesome review and nice to meet you!

  4. Delia says:

    Look at Tim you can’t really see the whole move but he was doing the electrifying stand that’s on the front of the album. That was so funny I don’t know if anyone paid attention to it but I sure did. LOL

  5. Delia says:

    When AB turn to Oscar and said that it didn’t fit. Oscar’s reply to AB well then you have to lose some weight, the fans broke out laughing. You had to be there.

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