OK, so we had just seen an awesome 80’s review by La Mafia complete with a wardrobe change by Oscar, so then AB comes back on hitting hard with 3 more songs that had the crowd going, even the La Mafia fans who had been booing were waiving their signs and La Mafia posters in time to AB’s music, so he finishes his 3 songs and asks permission from Oscar to play just one more song, after some back and forth bantering, a round of booing (by the same people who had just been jamming to AB’s music  and Oscar sushing us), Oscar  looked at his watch and said “OK we have a little bit of time left so go ahead”.

So what was that sneaky AB up to?  Oh yeah, he pulled a fast one,  he took this opportunity to bring on his “secret weapon”, the guest artist who appears on the Kumbia All Starz latest hit (and video), “Rica y Apretadita” , Melissa Jimenez, to sing the duet , and do a little dirty dancing (g rated of course) with Ricky Rick.   Was this an unfair move on the part of AB, probably, but did anybody care, nope, despite the playful complaints the crowd was really into it. 


Melissa Jiminez and AB

Melissa Jiminez and AB

But WAIT!  La Mafia wasn’t finished.  If they were even phased by AB’s latest move you sure couldn’t tell it.   They hit us with 3 of their all time biggest hits and had the crowd worked into a frenzy singing along.  As they  were playing the intro  to probably the biggest hit they have ever had (the one that topped the Billboard charts for I forget how long) “Me Estoy Enamorando” Oscar said “Now this is the song that AB made fun of on “You Tube”.   Of course after they finished the 3 songs, the cries of Otra.. Otra.. Otra.. went up and they obliged us with one more song.
otra... otra... otra...

otra... otra... otra...

Although it had been obvious throughout the night that La Mafia was the clearcut winner, AB had put on a GREAT show and  Oscar asked us to give him a round of applause (of course we were still playing our part with the booing), but he quickly shushed us and told us that this whole thing is for fun, that La Mafia and AB are working together on this and that it is more about UNITY (unity w/i La Onda) than it is about a “battle”, and that they hoped to take it to other cities.  Jonny Ramirez (who BTW I was surprised to see there, I mean I know that KXTN had sponsered a press conference and had done interviews in San Anto, but KSAB who was the sponser is not even a sister station of KXTN, so there is another example of UNITY) echoed the same sentiment saying, and I’m paraphrasing, that what La Mafia and the Kumbia All Starz were doing was something that could give a big boost to La Onda.  Everybody agreed with Oscar and Jonny and gave AB a resounding round of applause (don’t know if he heard it as he had already left the stage)

Everyone I have talked to who attended the show agreed that they thouroughly enjoyed both shows, and those who were unable to attend want it brought to their city.  I know I can’t wait to see another battle.


4 responses »

  1. isaiah says:

    I love all that AB and his family have done for la Onda (he wrote ALOT of big hits for Selena Y Los Dinos) but come on vato…that’s LA MAFIA you’re messing with! I’m not a big fan of their new music, but when they get to playing the 80’s and 90’s stuff, it’s all over for ANYONE. With Selena (RIP), he could have given them a run for their money, but not without her. Side note: Elida is no Selena.

  2. Tomas says:

    Man ab doesn’t have a chance vs la mafia or my band the LSB we may not be popular but we will be real soon

  3. daisy says:

    la mafia would win any day i don’t know what ab is thinkin

  4. daisy says:

    i like la mafia so much more than cumbia kings ab is all talk la mafia is real doesn’t matter what ab talks he’s jealous

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