The CD has been rereleased .  This is a special release and limited copies are available.  You can find it at Janie’s Record Store, it can be ordered online or by phone, or of course for those of you who live in San Antonio, you can just drop by and pick it up. 

This is a great CD to have in your La Mafia collection.  Back in 1999, after 6 months of searching , I was able to find a copy of it, it’s one of my favorites, and I happen to know that it is one of Mando’s favorites as well. 

Of course the first album you need to add to your La Mafia collection (if you haven’t already) is the CURRENT CD  “Eternamente Romanticos”  😉

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  1. Madelina Ramirez says:

    Looking for Neon Static

  2. steven moreno says:

    will La Mafia re release Enter The Future?

  3. t-dog says:

    still waiting for old cd’s of la mafia to come out like neon static, mafia live, honey, mafia 1986, mafia mania , and trampa mortal don’t remember the name of the album but was recorded at label company CBS, YOU REMEMBER.

    • gringz says:

      Trampa Mortal was on the Amame album (inbetween La Mafia Live and and Xplosiv.

      I’d love to see all the albums you mentioned re released too, but it’s up to the labels who own the catalogs to those albums (like EMI who bought out CBS) to release them and they seem to be content to put out compilations of the same songs over and over with an occasional “remaster” every few years.

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