I arrived at Escapade 2010 last Friday night at around 10:00pm and ran into a La Mafia fan, Gilbert, who I had met at an outdoor event in 2002, who was there with his friend. We staked out a table and waited anxiously . You could feel excitement in the air as fans trickled in, but it wasn’t until after 11:00 that the crowd really started building (most people know that bands don’t go on until 12:00 at Escapade 2010), and as the crowd continued to build so did the anticipation for the midnight hour when La Mafia would take the stage. You could tell it was almost time when those on the dance floor started slowing down in front of the stage and started dancing in place as others were eyeing each other jockeying for position , I knew then that I would not be able to get my customary front row position, but I did manage to get about 5 back.

They began the show in a dramatic way, with the spotlight on Joe playing an incredible drum solo , then joined by Tim on bass ,and the other members, Viktor, Jesus and Mando entering one at a time and joining in, then launching in to the intro to “Ay Amor” (from the new CD “Eternamente Romanticos”), with “Mr Personality” Oscar de la Rosa, making his dramatic entrance as the crowd was going wild. The new song was a big hit with the fans, and quite a few of them were singing along.

The stage was a little small for the guys but they managed to work around that with Oscar constantly stepping over the knee high railing , which was about two feet from the edge , to get closer to the crowd (he spent a lot of time out there to the delight of the fans) , and with Tim alternating from standing on the drum platform to floor of the stage as Viktor and Jesus moved around. I’m surprised that there were no collisions, but they somehow managed to keep up the high energy and constant movement on stage that makes La Mafia so much fun to watch.

Speaking of collisions, well you know that when Oscar is that close to the fans , it’s bound to happen. It started on the right side of the stage with one daring lady storming the stage to shower Oscar with kisses, and pose for a picture with him, and of course when one does it , others follow suit, the Escapade staff finally had to step in , then they started coming from the left side, but after a bit the staff managed to get the ladies under control, which I was glad to see because I was getting a little concerned as one lady was getting a little too carried away (not that I blame her).

The music was incredible, they really mixed it up, with the crowd singing along and swaying along on every song, as is always the case, It was totally different show than the one I had experienced at the Shootout in Robstown 3 weeks before, and totally different from the performance at the Delta Downs Casino in Louisana a week before that. ( and different shirts too, I was hoping thew would wear the red ones this time and they did , with Oscar in Blue) That’s what I love about La Mafia, you never get the same show twice, they instinctively know how to give each audience exactly what they want, and leave them wanting more, and that is exactly what they did last Friday night in Dallas, TX.

As they were closing the show promo photos were passed out, and the guys stuck around for quite some time signing autographs and and taking pictures with everyone who asked. I noticed that quite a few people had brought their copies of the new CD for them to sign.

I got a LOT of  photos, including some GREAT closeups,  and toward the end of the show I moved around and got some shots from different angles and further back that will give you a better idea of the action on stage.   Click here to go to my website and check them out.

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