CD title : Paulino Bernal “El Maestro Del Acordeon Y Sus Polkas” Recorded at Mafia Studios : December 2007 and February 2008

Produced by : Armando Lichtenberger Jr. Engineered by : Maria Gaucin Label : Urbana Records Release date : September 30, 2008 Paulino Bernal historical new CD to be released September 30th on Urbana Records.

The new CD which was recorded in December in Houston at Mafia Studios and produced by La Mafia producer Armando Lichtenberger Jr. contains 2 new polkas written by Paulino and 10 of his favorite melodies from throughout his career including his classic Idalia. The musicians on the recordings are his band Ernest Bernal Gonzalez (Bajo Quinto) , Armando Hinojosa (Bass), Pedro Gonzalez Jr (Drums)

Mando and Paulino in the studio

Mando and Paulino in the studio

and special guest James Arreola of Los Palominos (Bajo Sexto).

Visit for more information and listen to some samples of the new CD . You will also find some vintage photos on the page along with photos from the recording sessions. Don’t forget to request an add while you are in there 😉

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