Houston, TX – Mrs. Delia Guebara Owens, ex-wife of La Mafia vocalist Oscar de la Rosa, spent her last days with family and close friends in a local Houston hospice. Delia passed away on Friday February 27th at 4:20 PM

Oscar De La Rosa would like to “Thank” all La Mafia fans for their kind words, prayers, and e-mails.  The Owens, Guebara, and Gonzales families would like to show appreciation to everyone for all the prayers, and support they received since Delia’s illness became public.

As more information becomes available the family will contact the media via future press releases.  Their gratitude goes out to the media for the coverage of prayer support they kindly reported.


Houston, TX – La Sra. Delia Guebara Owens, ex esposa de Oscar de la Rosa vocalista del grupo La Mafia, paso sus últimos días con la familia y amigos cercanos en un hospicio local de Houston. Delia fallecio el Viernes 27 de Febrero a las 4:20 PM.

Oscar De La Rosa les quiere “dar gracias” a todos por sus palabras amables, por las oraciones, y por los emails. Las familias Owens, Guebara, y Gonzales tambien quieren agradecer a todos por el apoyo que ellos han recibido desde que se anuncio publicamente su enfermedad.

Cuando más información llege a ser disponible la familia contactará los medios a través de futuros comunicados de prensa. Su gratitud sale a los medios por su apoyo en estos momentos dificiles.

Oscar's sons Oscar Jr and Henry with their mother, Delia

Oscar's sons Oscar Jr and Henry with their mother, Delia

I’ve had this press release for a few days, but I was so saddened by it that it was difficult to post it. I had the opportunity to see La Mafia on Feb 20 in Houston, both of Oscar’s sons Oscar Jr, and Henry were present, and Oscar dedicated “Si Quiere Dios” to her. I don’t know how he made it through the song, but it was a beautiful and moving tribute to the mother of his sons and the woman who inspired him when he first started out, and who remained his dear friend. Every time I hear “Si Quiere Dios” I will think of Delia.
My heart goes out to Oscar, Oscar Jr, Henry and everyone who loved her.

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  1. Mary alva says:

    My dad is the biggest fan and he looks like u and he sings and dies all ur moves like u every time I see u I see my dad he’s gets so sick at times and ur he’s idol and one day he want to meet u in person he always talks about and admir u a lot his dream is to get married or for my sister 16th birthday wished he can have u play and see the face on my daddy face the day God takes him I’ll hear ur songs and it will bring happiness happy memories of my daddy. Thank u for being the person ur are Oscar and u got a twin out there everyone says u look like the mafia have a blessed day and many more.

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