Welcome to my La Mafia Blog.  This is an extension of the La Mafia Fansite that I created in 1999.  On this blog I will be providing you with the latest La Mafia news, as well as some history, and trivia, and will also use it to keep you posted on the most recent updates on my website, so keep checking the blog as it will be updated frequently. 


My name is Jeneanne, I’m known in the Tejano Music Internet Community as La Gringa, or Gringz for short.   I’ve been a La Mafia Fan since 1994 when I stumbled on to their “Vida” video while surfing the Spanish TV channels (in an effort to help me with my Spanish studies through the Telenovelas and the music), never dreaming that I’d ever be able to see them in person, much less meet them.  (I had never heard of Tejano Music and I remember wondering which Latin American country they were from).

Back in 1996 I won a contest on KICK FM (our local Tejano station at the time) to go to San Antonio and hang out with La Mafia at Fiesta Texas.  Needless to say I was thrilled.  I was one of about 100 people (contest winners from 3 different radio stations) following them around all over the park.  I didn’t really talk to them  (other than asking Oscar for a picture with him, and to sign my T-shirt) as the young girls in our group were hanging all over them and riding the rides with them.  There was a luncheon for all of us with them, and they posed for pictures with everyone afterwards.  I was very impressed with how humble, down to earth, and super nice they were.



Fast forward to March 1999.  My friend Josie AKA La Siciliana (Sici for short) and I had traveled to Austin to see La Mafia at the Austin Rodeo.  At the show it was announced that the next day at the state capitol that “La Mafia Day” was going to be declared.   We got there early, the idea was to find out where this was going to take place , go get a bite to eat and come back.  We couldn’t believe it , we spotted them on the steps of the capitol.   We had heard that the declaration in the Senate was to be at 1:00 pm, but it turns out that there had also been a declaration in the House of Representatives earlier, and since the fans didn’t know about that , we kind of had them all to ourselves, and had a chance to chat with them.   It was so funny because I think they thought we were just a couple of tourists at the capitol , they were really surprised that we had come from Dallas to see them the night before and that we were at the Capitol for “La Mafia Day”.

Since then there have been many other “La Mafia Trips”.  Sici and I became known as the “Thelma and Louise” of La Onda on the “Tejano Journal” and I started my website to share my photos and experiences with other La Mafia fans.


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    is this all about la mafia?

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